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Subscriptions for website media.

Having a subscription with Savages as a partner is like having an in-house Digital Marketing department with extensive experience of all the facets of digital marketing. Save yourself time and money and get the best results with Savages as your retained agency.

What we offer

We offer Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website design/maintenance, Content Marketing and Graphic design. Digital Marketing is a mixture of various services like website design and development, content marketing, graphic design, SEO/SEM services, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. Your website requires all these services with a varying degree to successfully generate leads/sales for your business. And most importantly you need to consult an expert for your digital marketing undertakings. At Savages we understand that Digital Marketing is not a one-time activity. It is a recurring activity, though not as rigorous as it is in the beginning, there is “maintenance” work involved. In certain cases like Pay-Per-Click advertising, the campaigns need to be monitored and tweaked daily.

Website Management Services

Designing a website can be said to be a one-time activity, but the content and graphics of the website need to be updated regularly. Often website design companies charge clients exorbitant costs for minor changes after the website is designed and delivered. At Savages a website management company we anticipate what content, graphics, blog articles, social media posts, etc your website is going to need for the rest of the year. And accordingly, we charge you a subscription fee every month to “maintain" your website. The fees of the contract depend upon the work and time involved but is significantly lesser than what you would otherwise pay to a “non-retained" website design agency.

PPC Retainer Services

At Savages we understand that PPC means instant lead generation and volume sales. With our PPC services, you are guaranteed maximum sales/leads with a healthy ROI. Pay Per Click or PPC marketing as it is also known is not a one-time activity. It does not end with the setting up of the PPC account in Google Adwords, rather it begins with the setup and needs to be continuously run and fine-tuned. At a fixed price, Savages can provide PPC services for our clients. This includes setting up and maintaining your Pay-Per-Click advertising accounts on Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Amazon Ads and any other Pay Per Click advertising program.

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO Retainer services can be considered as a part of the complete Digital Marketing Subscription Package. Search Engine Optimization often calls for regular updates and changes to the keywords, page content, page titles, new blog articles, social media posts, press releases, internal linking, etc. With a subscription, we at Savages can offer SEO services for your website. With an SEO Retainer, you don’t have to pay heavy fees for minor changes, you don’t have to hunt for a new SEO Company every time you need to do an update, most importantly you have someone who can give you free advice on relevant issues. As your SEO Retainer Agency, we take care of the recurring “SEO" part of the website maintenance. This includes CONSULTATION, keyword research, content strategy, internal linking, social media strategy, etc.

Graphic Design Services

All businesses need graphics for branding and you need different graphics when your advertising theme changes, so you need to change them frequently. It is not feasible to look for a graphic design agency to create advertising graphics every time. When you hire Savages, as your graphic design service provider, you have assured peace of mind because you get reduced costs on bulk designs for the whole year.


Social Media Marketing Services

Let the experts handle your Social Media campaigns. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram come in handy for Public Relations, branding, marketing, advertising, lead generation, blogging, or broadcasting business/organizational updates. You can hire Savages as your Retainer agency for Social Media Marketing Services tailored for your business.

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Did you say Free

Free Benefits for our Subscription Members!

We believe when you are a subscription member you should get stuff for free + what you pay for. Below are items we currently offer but we are always keeping an eye out for more stuff!

2 Free Augmented Reality scenes.

We give you 2 free scenes that you can use for any purpose with unlimited views!

* If you need custom models or white label this is not included but can be purchased for additional fee.

Free Social Media Scheduling Tool.

Choose 2 accounts to link Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkdin and more coming soon! Get auto hashtag from AI, color-code your posts and more! A great alternative to hootsuite.

*Need more then 2 accounts? We can add on more for a low monthly fee.

We Don’t Like To Brag,
But Our Clients Kind Of Love Us

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